7am. A very early start for most people. A horrible start for hung-over students who are used to getting up around mid-day. We took a day trip from Dubrovnik with Supreme Agency (located in Old Town Dubrovnik), costing around 300 Kuna. They picked us up near our apartment, we made it, and got on our coach at 7am. The journey to Bosnia was beyond long. Hours of our tour guide telling us random facts about trees and bridges and our brains could not cope. We stopped for a bathroom break half way through which was very much needed and then continued another hour or so to the capital town of Mostar.


We arrived pretty groggy, hot and very hungry and so the last thing we wanted to do was a walking tour. We met up with a new tour guide, she was so funny that she definitely brightened us up. It was a straight 5 minute walk to the town, you can’t get lost.

On the one side there were the Christian market stalls; selling artisanal products, plates, bags, and restaurants and the on other side Muslim stalls; bright colours, deep smells etc.

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We got to the famous Mostar bridge (Stari Most) where local men jump off when they get enough donations from the crowd. The water is freezing apparently and it’s a 24m. What we learnt is that after the war, tourism has flourished and is considered the main source of income for the town. When crossing the bridge and walking around you have to be careful as the floor is pretty slippery and bumpy from the stones. So if you’re as clumsy as I am, keep a hand on the rail or a friend for any downhill walking.

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Rooftop Restaurant:

We stopped for lunch at a rooftop terrace! There’s a few around, make sure you eat at one of them because the views really are incredible! We chose the one at the top of the hill and it was the most beautiful lunch setting I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely stunning, it really looked just like a postcard. Certainly no filter needed here.

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The food serving was massive! For one person could easily serve 2 or 3, which is great news for those fellow foodies! Cheap pricing and still really delicious fresh food. Some of my friends shared a big meat platter and I had the freshly caught trout. (Find more images on highlight Croatia/Bosnia-Instagram). After this meal we were very full and slowly made our way back to the coach.

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Kravice Waterfall:

We then had another hour to get to the Kravice waterfall. It was a 10 minute walk down hundreds of stairs and then you can’t miss it. The waterfall is absolutely stunning. BUT, the water is absolutely freezing! We are talking ice cold. Being a water lover I couldn’t resist a dip but even that was enough for me. The floor was muddy and so reminded me of going growing up when I would go to the ‘campo’ in Spain. There were also a few little cafe’s to grab some drinks. After an hour or so we started the walk back up to our coach. Sweating, we made it to the top (alternatively you can take a train up for 1 Euro), got on the bus and headed back to Dubrovnik.

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